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How do the special effects action videos promote confidence building?

Public Speaking Symbol.png

Public Speaking

The speaking in the special effect action scenes is the main step towards helping kids build confidence. While it may be only a single line the kids are speaking, it is still the first step forward in helping a kid built self-esteem. By saying a line, kids are pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone.

Acting Symbol.png


The special effect action scenes have kids to shoot lightning, dodge lasers, and wield the power of Mjölnir by acting out an epic battle scene. The acting with the different props like a Thor Hammer, Captain America Shield, Wonder Woman Shield, and more has the kids come out of their shell to become more confident in themselves.

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Special Effects

The special effects used in the action video helps to actively engage kids to participate in the fun play. The premise behind using the special effects is to distract kids from thinking about the action scene as a stressful environment. Instead, they approach the action scene as a fun activity to participate in while unknowingly building confidence on the side.

Cosplay Symbol.png.png


The kids acting out scenes are becoming their favorite superheroes like Thor, Captain America, and Wonder Woman. By becoming a hero, confidence is built and kids are more willing to participate in the action videos. Kids subconsciously desire to become like the heroes seen in the movies which pushes them to become their own confident superhero.

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