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A long time ago in an improv class far, far away....

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Younger Me = Shy/Nervous

When I was younger, I was a very shy kid. Much shyer then the average kid was at the time. An example of this was during my school picture days. I never had a great first picture as I would be so nervous that I would just stare at the floor when the picture was taken. So, my mom had to come in on re-take picture day to help me to smile. In the picture to the left, my mom is underneath tickling my feet so that I would have a goofy-laughing smile. This extreme nervousness and lack of confidence urged my parents to put me in improv classes.

Improv Classes to Build Confidence
Age: 4

Speaking is Hard. Physical Actions are Easier
(2 years of improv)

Mission Accomplished: Confidence Successfully Built
(5 years of improv)

Cardboard Superheroes - In the end, it was all worth it
(7+ years of improv)

Current Day - 10 years as Improv Student; 1 year as Improv Teacher

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CS Logo Transparent.png
CS Logo Transparent.png

It all started with a cardboard box...

Cardboard Superheroes is a non-profit organization created in an effort to promote the arts and creativity. Co-founder Connor Lee, 17, has been building life-sized cardboard models for the past 7 years. Co-founder Bauer Lee, 14, has been building life-sized cardboard models for the past 5 years. Their love of superheroes, pop-culture, and building led to the creation of Cardboard Superheroes. They build life-sized cardboard models such as Hulkbuster (pictured to the right) and also hold free workshops.

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Toys / Props Give Confidence

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2019-12-07 15.33.48.jpg
2019-12-07 18.36.54.jpg
2019-12-07 15.36.59.jpg

Feedback from Participants

Special Effects + Fun Play = SUCCESS

Through the special effects and fun play of acting out, the kids were more willing to participate as they approached the scene as a fun way to engage rather than a building confidence tool. 

At first, many of the kids who wanted to participate in the special effects action video workshop were unwilling to do the speaking parts.  However, the special effects and fun battle scene made the kids more willing to speak.

Once the kids started acting out the scene, they became much more confident in themselves seeing as they were having a great time becoming superheroes that would be able to wield special powers.

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